Discover the Softness

The WHEAT Collection represents our re-imagining of luxury essentials. In an ever-changing world, the way we travel and move through our day-to-day lives has transmorphed dramatically. Our collections are designed to complement those who move through the world with purpose, who value practicality and luxury in equal measure, and who always want to look effortlessly chic, wherever they are.

"Fabrics are always the first part of our process when we design. While the fit, form and function of each garment is absolutely critical, we are proud that The WHEAT Collection is known for having most incredible softness!" - Molly & Huw

Design & Fit

All WHEAT garments are designed in-house by Molly & Huw, and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Domestic production has many incredible benefits, but most importantly it allows for the WHEAT team to put extra care and consideration into each collection, ensuring each detail is truly exceptional.

Our Commitment

At WHEAT our dedication to create something that is both influential and purposeful is deeper than our products or locations, it is a brand pillar that impacts all aspects of our business. This ethos has spurred a thoughtfully assembled supply chain and work environment that is sustainable, ethical and atypical in the world of fashion and retail. All the WHEAT Collection garments are made to order in an effort to reduce the amount of waste produced, and manufactured exclusively in Los Angeles in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, we are committed to continue shaping our business to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.