Our Story

In 2017, with a steadfast belief in the transformative power of fashion, husband and wife Huw Collins and Molly Shaheen wanted to open a boutique that would offer something unique and refined to the world. Huw had recently completed filming for the popular television show, Pretty Little Liars and Molly was eager to capitalize on her wealth of business experience and innate entrepreneurial spirit. Whilst on a trip to Paris, Molly and Huw visited Gabrielle Chanel’s original apartment at 31 Rue Cambon, above the first Chanel location. The home of Chanel represented Molly’s ‘holy grail’, with her love for Chanel’s revolutionary influence and timeless designs stretching back as long as she could recall. During the visit, they noticed numerous symbols and motifs of WHEAT adorning the space. As the story was told to them, Chanel formed a strong belief that WHEAT represented an opportunity to transcend her circumstances, after being born into poverty, and that keeping symbols of it close by would always bring her prosperity and abundance, always reminding her of her roots. Subsequently, Molly suggested the new retail venture should be named WHEAT, an opportunity to represent their future as well as their roots, and thus, WHEAT was born.

WHEAT embodies the sense of wanderlust in modern travelers. Our retail spaces offer curated collections of casual luxury essentials that create comfort in the familiar and delight in the unexpected. With stores across North America and the Caribbean, the success of WHEAT and the expansion of the brand continues in earnest. In addition to retail stores, WHEAT’s elevated lifestyle clothing line, The WHEAT Collection, is designed by Molly & Huw and made in Los Angeles. WHEAT has now also introduced a candle & fragrance collection, also made in Los Angeles. Not all those who wander are lost. Please see our locations page for all that WHEAT has to offer.