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Los Angeles

Los Angeles, L.A., The City of Angels – this vast expanse of sprawling city, renowned by countless monikers, is a living embodiment of many different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. With a seemingly boundless plethora of things to do and see, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite LA activities, historical sites, and restaurants not to be missed on your next visit! From world class culinary experiences to incredible shopping and entertainment, L.A. truly has something for everyone. A splendidly comprehensive and diverse city, we hope this guide provides you with a little inspiration toward planning your time here in Los Angeles, and we hope you enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer!

Of course, experiencing great food is always at the top of our list when it comes to exploring any city. So, without further ado, here are a few of our favorite culinary spots not to be missed:

  • ‘Funke’ arrived like a bolt from the Beverly Hills blue when it arrived in 2023, instantly becoming the most sought-after reservation in the city. Chef Evan Funke, the culinary genius behind ‘Felix’ and ‘Mother Wolf’ can often be found in the ‘pasta box’ as you enter the space, making fresh pasta for his delectable dishes. When it comes down to brass tax, you really can’t go wrong with any pasta dish here (they’re all incredible), but the WHEAT team all agree that the pizza qualifies as a must-have too. Pro-tip: save room for dessert, Shannon Swindle’s creations are the perfect end to a perfect meal.  
  • ‘Craigs’, located on the famous Melrose Avenue, is the place to be and be seen. Start with the bread, aaahhh the bread... (ask for Marinara Sauce on the side, it’s the move), the Honey Truffle Chicken is a standout entrée but there are a large variety of great entrées as well as vegan dishes available too! If you’re really feeling in the mood, the Chocolate Pizza for dessert will have you rolling home happier than Larry himself!
  • Tower Bar, located within the exquisitely art-deco designed Sunset Tower Hotel, will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into Old Hollywood - it’s hallowed halls have housed most every Hollywood legend through the years. Enjoy a Penicillin cocktail (Huw swears it’s the best in the city) as you peruse the menu, enjoy the perfectly-pitched live jazz, and make yourself right at home!!
  • For another bona-fide old Hollywood classic, the Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel is almost as traditional as they come. The iconic spot has hosted every A-List celebrity you could name in the last century, effortlessly blending panache with privacy throughout the space. Classic Modern American fare is the mainstay here, all of it impeccably prepared and presented, and the array of Souffle’s on offer for the final flourish will have you gawking at your puffed up prize rather than Brad Pitt himself sitting at the next table!!
  • Euro Caffe in Beverly Hills is a firm favorite of our co-owner, Huw – he’s a daily adherent. Situated in a charming cobbled enclave off Canon Drive, the coffee tastes like it was transported directly from Italy (it was), and so do the pastries and accompanying offerings (they were). The multitude of soccer scarves and faithful Italian customers should tell you this is THE place to find your daily cup, and their market offering a few doors down is a wonderful spot to find all your Italian goodies in one place.

One of the best ways to experience a touch of LA history, while also enjoying nearly 360-degree views of the city, is by making a trip to The Griffith Observatory, which is a beautiful piece of architecture and science. The vistas here are just as impressive as what's inside – if not more – showcasing views of the entire Los Angeles Basin, including Hollywood (and the famous Hollywood sign) to the South. Speaking of the Hollywood sign, if you’re keen to get a closer look at the prominent landmark, a hike is the perfect way to do that (although don’t blame us if you think it looks smaller in person...) Within Griffith Park, there are several trailheads that lead to close-up views of the sign, while also providing you with a glorious view of the cityscape. A favorite is Cahuenga Peak, which is the highest summit but is relatively accessible by a 3-mile round trip hike. There are other trails that are longer and a bit more strenuous, but this one seems to give you all the gorgeous sights with just moderate effort. Bring a hat & sunscreen!!

Los Angeles also has its share of interesting museums, art installations, and historical sites, including the La Brea Tar Pits, which is worth a visit. An active paleontological research area, the tar pits consist of natural asphalt seeping up from the ground, which has caused the bones of mammals to have been preserved there for thousands of years. Just steps away from the Tar Pits is LACMA – the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which always has an interesting and eclectic mix of exhibitions, suitable for all ages. If you’re looking to experience a large swath of visual art, The Getty is a wonderfully well-rounded museum of exhibits spanning from thousands of years ago to the modern age, and The Broad in DTLA is also worth a trip!!

Finally, a trip to LA isn’t complete without a little sneak peek at the industry that keeps the city turning – Entertainment that is! A studio tour is a fun way to get a glimpse into how movie magic is made. Warner Brothers and Universal Studios both provide a fun and interactive studio tour, guiding you through some of your favorite TV and movie settings. And if you are in the mood for some live music, attending a concert at The Hollywood Bowl is a quintessential LA experience - an outdoor acoustic marvel!!