the shop by wheat


Dover, NH

The Shop by WHEAT
Dover, NH

Connecting to one of WHEAT co-owner Molly Shaheen’s core roots, The Shop by WHEAT was proudly opened in Dover, New Hampshire in Fall 2023. The City of Dover is not only New Hampshire’s oldest continuous settlement, having just celebrated its 400th Birthday, but also the 7th oldest in the United States. With a rich family history in the area, and located in a retail space she frequented as a child, the new boutique is a full circle moment for Molly, representing our first physical WHEAT location within her home state of New Hampshire.

Situated adjacent to the historic Cocheco Mill, which at its peak was producing 65 million yards of cotton per year with a 2/3 female work-force, Molly & her husband/WHEAT Co-owner, Huw Collins, couldn’t help but recognize the stark parallels between Dover’s incredible garment-related history and WHEAT’s own evolution, when the perfect space arose on Central Avenue. As Dover continues to grow, at the fastest rate in the State, we felt this was an excellent time for WHEAT to join this burgeoning renaissance!!